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In the past 20 years, Stephane Dupoux has revolutionized the hospitality design industry with his unique vision. 

With notable concept creation and innovative designs as Nikki Beach, Cielo, Pearl, Cocoon, and Buddha Bar New York, to name a few.

Dupoux’s design philosophy rests strongly on his interpretation of nature, which he finds inspirational, as he mends it to fit today’s modern world. A fan of historical references, he often projects the past into the future, arriving at a new reality cushioned by a sense of security and familiarity.


Under the leadership of Stephane Dupoux’s design studio has created and developed some of world’s most renowned hospitality venues and concepts. With a global perspective, visionary outlook and financial acumen our multi-disciplinary team works with business owners, real estate developers, and lifestyle entrepreneurs to redefine and elevate the art of hospitality.

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